African Training Solutions

We have developed a number of training programmes for clients in South Africa.  We would like to make these available to other markets in Africa and elsewhere.

Available courses will include:

Our proposal is as follows:

  1. Existing material is to be edited in order to fit the market concerned in general and to remove references that are specific to the South African market.
  2. We would provide the training material to the learners and facilitators.
  3. We would provide training of facilitators and assessors, using our material.
  4. We would support the process by moderating assessments.
  5. We would utilise facilitators and assessors from local markets.  Their training would be given in a selected city in each region.

The training delivery proposition will carry a number of overheads and it is therefore necessary to ensure that training and delivery can be rolled out to sufficient numbers of individuals in order to ensure that the cost per learner is within reasonable bounds.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the development of the African insurance market please complete our expression of interest form.


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Updated 28 June 2012